K&K Sound Golden Bullet Upright Bass Microphone

K&K Sound Golden Bullet Upright Bass Microphone
The Golden Bullet URB is a condenser mic chosen specifically for its characteristics and performance with the double bass. This is not an "off-the-shelf" microphone, but one designed and custom built by K&K in Oregon. We were delighted to work with Bob Gollihur to finalize the selection of this specific unit, which combines great sound with excellent feedback resistance. It is unidirectional to help avoid rumble and undesirable bleed from other instruments.

Amazingly light and small, it is mounted on your bridge using self adhesive 3M Dual Lock fastener and positioned using its built-in six-inch gooseneck. And don't worry about undesirable effects due to the bridge mounting -- the complete unit weighs only about .25 ounces!

The Golden Bullet URB includes:

* Mic with 2 feet of wire, high quality 1/4" jack and a special string-mountable jackclip (clamps between A and D string between bridge and tailpiece).

* Preamp with a 1/4" input jack and XLR balanced output. This is the standard preamp that can be powered by a 9 volt battery or 12-48 volt phantom power. The preamp also provides the special 5-volt power the mic requires.

* On special request, a 1/4" line out preamp model is available (9-volt battey only). Please specify when ordering.

Technical information:
Technical Information for the Golden Bullet Microphone Frequency Range: 20 - 17,000 Hz Sensitivity: 7 mV/PA/1 kHz Maximum SPL: 139 dB Polar Pattern: Unidirectional Output: XLR active balanced or 1/4" line level (please choose) Mic Power Supply: 5 Volt through supplied Golden Bullet preamp Preamp Power Supply: 9 Volt battery or 12-48 Volt phantom power (phantom power XLR type only)

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very dependable fast delivery.

to ITALY we recommend the $38.95 Express with Tracking number and quick 3-5 day delivery. Priority is $16.95, gets no tracking number and takes 1 to 2 weeks usually to Italy, sometimes more. Priority gets a customs label number which only tells when it has cleared customs and been delivered.
First Class Mail Int'l for $6.95 to Italy has been taking 1 to 2 MONTHS and more to arrive.

Golden Bullet Upright Bass Mic Microphone Pickup
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