The SV-1750 is still made with the 100 year old woods, <br>just not ivory inlaid and not intricately carved <br>and not inlaid with ebony. <br>
100 Year Old Woods used to make this SV-1750 Violin !

These Cremona SV-1750 Maestro Violins have a 4 month wait to be made once ordered, full payment required to special order one.

Cremona SV-1750 violin outfits.
100 PLUS Year Old Aged Wood, just like the Antonio Stradivari "Hellier" Copy was made when old mastodon ivory was available.
Master Artisan Hand-Crafted Collector Pieces with awesome sound. Special order 4 month wait on the SV-1750.
These masterpieces are newly crafted from over 100-year-old spruce and maple.
This gives them a look and tone that has to be seen and heard in person to really appreciate the beauty.

Fine instruments in every respect, all Special Edition Maestro violins feature the very best and rarest woods, and are superbly handcrafted by extraordinarily skilled luthiers whose goal is to produce a perfect instrument every time.

The flagship Cremona’s Maestro Series was a re-creation of the legendary Hellier Strad. The Hellier is the most famous of Antonio Stradivari’s inlaid violins. Originally purchased by Sir Samuel Hellier in the early 18th century directly from the Master, the instrument eventually passed to Mr. H.E. Morriss, a Shanghai newspaper publisher. Fortunately, Mr. Morriss took the Hellier with him to England before World War II; after World War II, Morriss saw all of his Shanghai possessions confiscated by the revolutionary functionaries of Mao Zedong and put on display as plunder. The original Hellier is presently in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C..

Hellier no longer available: The supply of these extremely rare inlay materials was extremely limited and irreplaceable, and now gone. No more mastodon ivory available, so ONLY the SV-1750 model still made while more of the 100+ year old wood is on hand.

The exquisite wood, workmanship and general appearance is what you would expect to see in a fine hand-made violin costing many Thousands more, take advantage of this bargain pricing. Comes with superb LB-14 brazilwood bow and a great arched-top plush-lined oblong case.

Features are:
  • Hand carved solid spruce top, 100 year old spruce
  • Hand carved solid 100+ yr old one-piece maple back, solid sides neck & scroll
  • Hourglass design inlaid all around the top and back, Abalone used now.

  • SV-1750 no inlaid carvings on sides and no ivory, otherwise same look as the SV-1800
  • Grade A Ebony Fingerboard
  • Hill-Style Boxwood Fittings
  • Delicately Inlaid Purfling
  • 1 Fine Tuner in a Polished Boxwood Tailpiece
  • Beautiful French-polished shaded amber-brown finish
  • TL-35 well-padded arched-top Travelite suspension violin case with durable ballistic exterior and plush interior lining. 3 interior compartments too! See this case in the cases section.
  • LB-14 high-quality brazilwood bow with full-mounted ebony frog, silver-plated wrap and genuine unbleached white horsehair
  • Dominant violin strings
  • VP-203 Cremona 3-Star Bridge
  • Shop adjusted.
    Available in 4/4 size only.

    Special order only. 4 month wait to have a Cremona SV-1750 made for you.

    Current price subject to change, will never be cheaper than right now.

    FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 U.S. States.

    SV-1750Regular price: $3,995.00Sale price: $2,495.00

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