Click to enlarge2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur

2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur
When the original buyer in 2001 got this bass he took it to a local top luthier shop LA Bass Works for setup. Lisa told him the box was nice but the fingerboard and endpin were cheap, so he had her replace them. $1158 was his bill in 2001 for getting this done to professional standards.
So now you get a bass that has a great ebony fingerboard that was dressed/shaped for a great low action, and nice german endpin, ebony tailpiece - $4000+ worth of bass and setups/new parts.
Nothing at all wrong with this bass, just not needed by the original owner anymore.

2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur SOLD
2001Bulgarian5StringRegular price: $3,995.00Sale price: $2,295.00

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