"Dampit" Humidifier for Cello
"Dampit" Humidifier for Upright Bass
"J. LaSalle LB-33 Pernambuco, "Octagonal", Custom Designed Violin Bow
1883 Czech Bass 3/4 scale HUGE sounding acoustic bass
1920ís German All Solid Carved 3/4 Upright Bass
1937 Kay M-1 Serial Number 1186 First Year of Kay Basses SOLD
1939 Kay C-1 Vintage Refinished Upright Bass Serial # 6415 SOLD
1940 Kay C-1 Concert Model Serial # 7417-1/2 Great Condition
1941 Kay S-51 Chubby Jackson 5 String Upright Bass SOLD
1945 Kay M-1 Maestro Upright Bass Serial # 12557 Excellent Condition
1948 Kay C-1 Upright Bass Vintage American Bass SOLD
1948 Kay M-1B Serial #17270 - Amazing Condition
1949 Kay C-1 Model Serial # 20268 Vintage American Bass SOLD
1958-American-Standard-Upright-Bass SOLD
1960 Epiphone Upright Bass made by Gibson SOLD
1960 German Mittenvald Laminated Bass with KILLER SOUND SOLD
1960 Kay S-9 Swingmaster Blonde Upright Bass SOLD
1961 Kay C-1 Bass SOLD
1963 German Upright Bass by Ernst Heinrich Roth SOLD
1969 Johan Rauner German Bass SOLD
1972 Vintage Engelhardt Upright Bass Highly Flamed SOLD
1977 Suzuki 3/4 Upright Bass all laminated construction SOLD
1979 Engelhardt C-1 3/4 Upright Acoustic Bass SOLD
1995 Romanian Made Klengel Upright Bass Solid Carved Woods SOLD
1996 ES9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster Upright Bass 3/4 #69382
1998 German Eberle All Carved 3/4 Upright Bass SOLD
2001 Bulgarian 5 String 3/4 Upright Bass from Gollihur SOLD
3/4 Christopher Upright Double Bass Busetto Corners BIG Bottom End
SOLD - 1961 King Mortone Blonde Upright Bass Serial #4270
SOLD - 1941 Kay M-1 Serial Number 9460 Maestro Violin Corners Upright Bass American Made
SOLD - Calin Wultur 2008 Carcassi Model Upright Bass made in Reghin Romania Europe
LIST of Used and Vintage Upright Basses at FMI
NEW Weedwacker PRO Rockabilly Slap Bass Strings 4, 5, or 6 String Sets
SOLD - 1930 Czech Bass all solid carved flat back upright bass Made in Czechoslovakia
SOLD - 1960s Epiphone Upright Bass Huge Sounding
SOLD - 1959 King Mortone Upright Bass
SOLD - 1960 German Carved Spruce Top Solid Maple Flat Back and Sides
SOLD - Christopher DB402T Removable Neck Upright Bass 3/4 - Gently Used
SOLD - Clevinger DEL-5 1998 Honey Amber - 5 String Electric Upright Bass
SOLD -2008 EG9 Engelhardt Blonde Swingmaster 3/4 Upright Bass
Acoustic Electric Guitars
Adjustable Palatino Bass Bridge Replacement
Adjustable Upright Bass Bridges 3/4 and 1/2 Size Mostly Setup Adjusted
Advanced Brazilwood Bow
Advanced Octagonal Stick
Albert Nebel Aged European Tonewood Cello by Eastman Strings
Andreas Eastman 200 Advanced Cello Solid Woods
Andreas Eastman 305 3/4 Upright Bass All Solid Carved
Andreas Eastman 305 Advanced Cello 4/4 to 1/8 Sizes
Andreas Eastman Strings Upright Bass Model 605 for sale

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