Hello, Here you will find our Shipping, Repair, Return
& Refund Policies as well as our contact information.

Shipping, Repair, Return & Refund Policies

Store Hours:
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Monday thru Friday.
Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM - Pacific Time.
Sunday by appointment. Call: 626-794-7554 at least a day ahead.

US orders are normally shipped FedEx Ground
or UPS Ground except for oversized packages.
Outside of the contiguous 48 U.S. states shipments are
normally sent US Air Parcel Post, again, except for oversized shipments such as Upright Basses. On international orders the customer is responsible for knowing the customs regulations of their country and paying all fees and taxes needed to clear the item through customs.

We often have a flat rate for a given item for shipping to any of the lower 48 states. Some larger items need to be estimated according to your address to get an exact rate for that item to you. In such a case you can buy the item directly thru the site and we will notify you and adjust the order to show the correct shipping charge. Please feel free to email us with any questions to either of the addresses below.

Most items ship within 48 hours (or 2 business days). Some stringed instruments may need to be set up first in our shop and can take 5 to 10 days longer to ship depending on the time of year. Most are ready to go.

Warranty & Repair Policy:
Our warranties vary depending on what type of instrument and the manufacturer. Most instruments are covered by a 1/2 to 1 year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials to the original retail purchaser. Specific remedies include repair or replacement at our option. The customer is responsible for freight in both directions. Some items, such as strings and natural skin heads, and some types of “defects,” such as normal finish aging and crazing, are specifically excluded. Abuse, normal wear, normal changes due to climate, preventable weather-caused cracks and seam separations, etc., are also excluded. Many potential problems and possible misunderstandings may be avoided when the selling dealer explains proper care and maintenance to the consumer at the time of sale. (A link to our website explaining the proper care of all stringed instruments is provided in the email with the shipment tracking number.)

When a problem occurs please call us immediately. Explain the nature of the problem. Please be specific. If possible, have the instrument in front of you when you call — this will make it easier to provide us with detailed information. Also, you will need to know the date and number of the invoice on which you purchased the item. Please have this information ready when you call. If a Return Merchandise Authorization is issued for a warranted problem, please be extra careful when packing and shipping the item to us. (If the item is damaged on the return trip, the buyer is responsible for filing a damage claim and collecting on that claim with the shipping company.) In some cases FMI may determine that it is best that the instrument be repaired locally. This is a decision made by FMI, not the customer, and under no circumstances will a customer be reimbursed for unauthorized repairs. (Example: Getting warranty work done on your car by your personal mechanic then taking the bill to the selling dealer for reimbursement. Warranties don't work this way.)

Return & Refund Policy:
There is a 10 day period after you receive the item in which you may return it.

There is a 10% restocking fee on all returned items and orders cancelled after payment was made. This is mostly to cover credit card/ PayPal fees. Customer pays actual shipping both ways even if shipping was "Free" at time of purchase. (NOTE: If the item is damaged on the return trip, the buyer is responsible for filing a damage claim and collecting on that claim with the shipping company.)


1. The item is defective and reasonable customer service efforts have not remedied the situation to your satisfaction.
2. The item was damaged during shipping in which case the buyer should refuse delivery and not sign the delivery receipt EXCEPT ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS where the customer is responsible for filing and collecting on the damage claim. The buyer also needs to notify FMI immediately.
3. The return is the result of incorrect information given by FMI regarding the product.


In these cases there will be no charge to you and we will have the product picked up and returned to FMI at our expense.

You must notify us of your intent to return via phone or email by the 10th day after you receive the item. At this point you will be given an "RA" number (Return Authorization number). Returns received without an RA number will be refused. The returned item must then be shipped within 48 hours (2 business days) of this notification. Our shipping address is below.

Returned items needing cleaning or repair will have that cost deducted from refund.

Important pricing notice:
In-store pricing is the same as our website pricing. Example - Website price; $89.00 plus $7.34 tax plus $15.00 shipping = $111.34 total. Total would be the same in our store as we had to pay shipping to get the product to our store.

- Contact Information-
(626) 794-7554 Phone
(626) 794-7334 Fax

Email Us:
Sales: tom@GoToFmi.com

Customer Service: chris@GoToFmi.com

Or write to us at:
Tom Kerr
Fantastic Musical Instruments
789 East Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104

Message From the Owner:

"We look forward to doing business with you. I am sure you are looking for an instrument in your price range that will perform well, and you don't want to spend any more money than you have to. I am that kind of shopper too and that's what we offer our customers, quality, value and great service.

"We will always strive to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly to lead you to the right instrument for your needs, and give you a bargain price on it.

"We have been in business since 1988 and are enjoying internet selling as well as local business.

"We carry only brand names that play easily in tune and that are built to last and play right. We won't carry the cheap makes that our experience tells us are inferior products. We have done great at finding lower cost brands that are excellent instruments, along with big brand names such as Shen, Kay, Engelhardt, Kolstein, Mathias Thoma, Christopher, Eastman, Milano and others. We invite you to try whatever strikes your fancy with a money back guarantee if it doesn't satisfy."

Thomas Kerr

Terms of Service for receiving Upright Basses from Fantastic Musical Instruments:


This item ships via an Oversized Carrier (freight company) It's way too large for such as UPS, fedex, and others.

1- When the shipment is received, carefully inspect the carton and have the driver note ANY visible damage to the carton on the delivery receipt then sign for the shipment.

2- If there is a question whether the instrument is safe inside because of the condition of the carton, the driver is obligated to wait while you inspect the instrument.

3- If the instrument is damaged inside the carton, refuse delivery. If refused due to damage we can immediately issue a replacement by emailing Chris@GoToFmi.com or calling 626-794-7554.

4- If the carton does not show signs of abuse the driver will not wait for you to inspect the contents.

5- Once signed for and the driver leaves, the item becomes your property and you must file any claims for damage and any repairs will be your responsibility. The process is called a “Concealed Damage Claim”. While damage does not happen often with the new Styrofoam inserts we use, it will happen at some point to someone so the inspection of your bass is very important to you and us.

6- If you won't be accepting delivery personally, you are responsible for relaying these delivery instructions to the person acting in your place. Once they sign for it, it is your responsibility to handle any damages with the freight line.

7- Note: If the soundpost has become dislodged this is not damage and, although rare, sometimes happens. It is inexpensive and easy to have repositioned locally and is not covered under warranty.

8- Before discarding the packing materials, locate the bridge taped to one of the styrofoam inserts.
If you need help standing the bridge and tuning read this, click here for instructions.

As the owner of a new stringed instrument you need to know how to properly care for your musical instrument. Proper care instructions can be found on our website in the menu bar or you can click on this link here or call us at 626-794-7554


Turn down our driveway between the Retirement Center and 789 East Washington Blvd signage. Plenty of our own off-street parking. (Follow the signs that say "789 Parking in Rear".)
Our physical address is 789 East Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104.
Ph: 626-794-7554

Fantastic Musical Instruments specializes in the violin string family instruments
with a caring hands on approach.
Hours: Monday through Friday 11 AM to 6 PM
, Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM.
Sundays by appointment.
Call Ph: 626-794-7554 at least 48 hours in advance
for a Sunday appointment.
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