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Long time FMI customer and locally acclaimed music teacher, Jane Barton's students.

Here is some recent customer feedback we'd like to share with you: "I would like to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you and fmi. You solved the problem at a time of year when I really didn't have time to deal with anything extra. I have already recommended your company to my friends and will be calling you again in a couple of years when my daughter is ready to move up to a bigger and better instrument. Thanks again, Kristen" ~Shoreham, NY (Milano 1/2 size Cello Outfit, Nicely setup)

"I'm not usually inclined to post reviews, but our experience with Fantastic Musical Instruments was so exemplary that, well, here I am. We purchased a cello for our four-year-old (!), and FMI was the only merchant we encountered who were aware that the European and the Suzuki standards differed at the smallest sizes. They were extremely helpful when I contacted them by phone, offering knowledgeable advice, often suggesting less costly options when we, in our obvious ignorance, could easily have been steered to more expensive ones. Finally, they customized the action of the cello to better fit our daughter's small hands, and they expedited the customization and shipping to assure that the cello would arrive in time for our daughter's birthday. Last but not least, the cello is well made and equals or exceeds their description. I'm listening as I write to something that approximates 'Twinkle' -- a joyful sound from a VERY happy girl." - Rick ~Boone, NC (Milano 1/10 Cello outfit)

Here is one from a parent who has now purchased 3 cellos from us for his daughter (starting back in 2005): "We just set up the bridge and tried out the cello. This cello sounds great! The resonance is wonderful. We could not be more satisfied...I must say it looks wonderful! Thanks so much. We will definitely recommend this instrument and your store to others." -Kurt ~Syracuse, UT (Milano MC-650 4/4 Cello Outfit nicely setup w/ Helicore Kaplan strings)

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Cremona SC-175 Cello Outfit - Hand Carved Solid Spruce & Maple
Regular price: $1,450.00
Sale price: $1,095.00
Regular price: $1,395.00
Sale price: $1,059.00
Cremona Premier SC-200 Student Cello Outfit. Professional Features - Student Price
Regular price: $1,495.00
Sale price: $1,145.00
Milano MC-650 Cello for sale- Fine Select Tone Woods
Regular price: $1,795.00
Sale price: $995.00
Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs
Regular price: $2,495.00
Sale price: $1,995.00
Milano MC750 Cello Solid Hand Carved Top Aged Woods  Best Flaming
Regular price: $1,995.00
Sale price: $1,495.00
SHEN SC200 CELLO Maple Back Spruce Top Advanced Student Outfit
Regular price: $2,200.00
Sale price: $1,995.00
Samuel Eastman 100 Student CelloAndreas Eastman 200 Advanced Cello Solid Woods
Andreas Eastman 305 Advanced Cello 4/4 to 1/8 Sizes
Regular price: $3,323.00
Sale price: $3,025.60
Regular price: $4,495.00
Sale price: $2,695.00
Albert Nebel Aged European Tonewood Cello by Eastman Strings
Regular price: $5,003.00
Sale price: $4,006.00
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