Adjustable Upright Bass Bridges 3/4 and 1/2 Size Mostly Setup Adjusted
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Bridge Size:  Choose Adjusted or factory direct:  Cut to hold wing pickup with tension adjust screw:  Painted Black or name your color in Notes: 

Product Description

Adjustable Upright Bass Bridges 3/4 and 1/2 Size Mostly Setup Adjusted.

A 3/4 bass is about 72" long(183cm),
a 1/2 bass is about 66" long(168cm).
This helps tell you if you have a 3/4 or 1/2 size bass.

Rock Hard Maple Adjustable Bass Bridges Partially shaped and adjusted to reduce work needed to fit to your bass.

Work we do to this Bridge for you:
  • Lower and Reshape Top
  • Notch it with Standard Spacing of Strings
  • Thin upper half of Bridge to reduce mass
  • Mark feet E and G so you know which way it goes
  • Thin feet out to save you a LOT of sanding!
  • 3/4 Bridge will be about 6-1/2" tall mostly adjusted here
  • 1/2 Bridge will be about 5-3/4" tall mostly adjusted here
  • We DO leave the bridge tall enough for ANY Bass
  • We leave feet thick enough for thinning/shaping further if your bass needs that.

    This gives you a jump start on a properly setup bridge that fits your bass.

    You can also have us file out the wing for fitting a pickup into if you need, $60 for fitting both wings with EQ adjust screw. You can send us your pickup for exact fitting. We have Shadow rockabilly pickups, Realist and Fishman Full Circle on hand so can fit the slot perfectly for those kinds without you sending yours in.

    We can also paint the bridge to your specs.
    Hey, we're great to work with! We don't just sell stuff,
    we WORK on instruments and take pride in getting it right.

    WE SHIP PROMPTLY all over the world.
    Shipping/Handling is $10 for US Priority in the U.S. and
    $22.95 for international customers via First Class International Mail.
    $36.00 for Priority Mail Int'l.
    Express to Europe is $55.00 with 3 to 5 day delivery time and tracking number,
    very dependable fast delivery.

    to ITALY we recommend the $55.00 Express with Tracking number and quick 3-5 day delivery. Priority is $36.00, gets no tracking number and takes 1 to 2 weeks usually to Italy, sometimes more. Priority gets a customs label number which only tells when it has cleared customs and been delivered.
    First Class Mail Int'l for $22.95 to Italy has been taking 1 to 2 MONTHS and more to arrive.

    If you want to be able to install any pickup that fits into the bridge wing, we can cut the bridge wing wide, install a tension adjust screw thru the bridge leg, and provide a thin plywood shim to protect your pickup from the adjust screw. THIS gives you CONTROL over your sound like you wouldn't believe! You can shape the sound from really fat and full to much thinner and focused. This helps avoid feedback, and lets you shape your sound- just by loosening the screw- moving your pickup a little- tightening the screw back. So if you want your bridge cut to hold any wing pickup we'll do that with the tension adjust screw on the E string side of bridge for $40. Order this in drop down menu below..