Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs

Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs
Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs
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This cello pictured has sold, let us know if you want a blonde one made for you :^)

Blonde Cello Milano MC-700B-8 Made in 2012, SOLD in 2021, with Planetary Perfection Geared Pegs
This cello has an [oil stained] finish, which lets a more full sound resonate better than a lacquered or heavier varnished one.
It has a couple of dings and scratches, but they are hard to notice, especially on this 8 year old instrument of glory and beauty! Videos of it:

WARM MELLOW and RICH SOUND, you won't believe this superb sound coming from a cello costing this little. AND it plays well across the register with a balanced full sound.
Insured shipping to the lower 48 U.S. States is $195.00. We take a lot of additional care shipping your new cello so it "CAN'T" get broken in shipping. It will be double boxed with extra padding to guard against shipping damage. It will also be shipped with the sound post in the correct position instead of knocked down which saves you a trip to a local music store to reset the soundpost.
You can't ship with the soundpost in place in a carved cello unless the cello is double boxed and padded well against impacts.
3 to 4 out of 10 get broken when shipped in the single box packaging that cellos standardly ship in. We got tired of that breakage and now double box and pad well even though it costs a lot more to ship - and we have not had any break this way. Don't expect we ever will when packed this well.

The $195.00 is for the additional cost of shipping a larger box and doesn't even cover packing materials, additional labor and larger shipping box costs.

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