Upright Bass Soft Case with Wheels, Eastman's Presto Heaviest Padded WHEELED "Town Case"
Item# CB-60
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Product Description

Upright Bass Soft Case with Wheels, Eastman Presto Upright Bass wheeled soft Case Gig Bag. Top of the line construction for toughness and protection. We have named it the "Town Case" because it's perfect for short to mid-range range transportation.
Customer feedback:
*The case came today and it’s TERRIFIC - everything I hoped for! Thanks so much, Cynthia
*THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I received my Bass case and it fits PERFECTLY!! David

Select the case size from the drop down menu next to the order button:

3/4 Upright Bass CB60b
4/4 to 7/8 Upright Bass CB60a
1/2 to 5/8 Upright Bass CB60c

All cases available without wheels for $30.00 less. Choose "Wheel Options" below.

Zipper opens all the way to the Top of the scroll on the E-string side,
and a separate zipper opens to the C-Bout (waist) on the Treble side.

All cases Feature:

  • Sturdy, fully padded gig bag in cello and bass sizes
  • Rip-Stop Nylon Exterior is TOUGH (I have never seen one torn at a seam like so many others)
  • Soft/ Dense Nylon lining
  • Adjustable Padded shoulder strap for slinging over one shoulder to support most weight while grabbing front handle.
  • Heavy-duty YKK Brand zippers and swivel snaps for Shoulder Strap
  • Three music and accessory pockets plus a DEEP Bow pocket. Bow pocket will hold a bow case.
  • Several Extra Pull Handles and two wheels for easy transportation
  • 5 Pull handles down the front! Plus 2 on Each Side! 11 handles in all !
    Very well designed bag!

    The price at our store in Pasadena, CA is free of any shipping cost to you.