Eminence-Like Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass
Modified David Gage Realist Pickup

Eminence-Like Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass Flamed,
Eminence-Like Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass Flamed,
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Product Description

Eminence-Like Acoustic Electric Upright Double Bass Flamed,

The Eminence-Like Portable Acoustic Electric Upright Bass boasts a fully acoustic body that delivers real acoustic sound.

OUT OF STOCK of these FIXED Neck Eminence-Like basses at this time.
We will go thru boxes and try to find any of these basses that got lost in the warehouse, if we find any we'll update this page here.

We CUSTOM SHAPE your Fingerboard, Nut and Bridge ESPECIALLY for YOUR Style of playing. Your bass goes thru our Custom Setups Shop after we find out from you exactly HOW you play Upright Bass, and we SHAPE the fingerboard for the perfect height string action for you, and for bowing only, plucking only, or both; low fast jazz action up to high hard plucking WITHOUT EXCESS STRING RATTLE.

THIS WAY you get the bass customized for your way of playing so you can dig in HARD without a bunch of string rattling if that's what you want to do; or play light and fast with as low an action as Stanley Clarke has on his upright. You can't have both on the same bass, the fingerboard has to be shaped differently for lighter to heavier handed playing. You can only tweak it so far by adjusting the bridge lower or higher - the fingerboard has to be shaped to allow a heavy hand without rattling, OR to allow as low as possible a string action all along the fingerboard for that fast smooth jazz playing!
Ask for a setup in the middle of that and have it your way. :^)

Order thru us and we'll talk with you until we understand JUST HOW YOU WANT IT, and THEN DO IT THAT WAY. Imagine that, internet shopping and getting a CUSTOM setup on your bass just like you want it. Then having it arrive to your door.

More players agree the Eminence is the best sounding acoustic electric upright than any other bass, fact.

Manufacturer’s Specifications;
  • Neck: Rock Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Vibrating String Length: 41-1/4"
  • Top: Arched, Laminated Spruce
  • Back: Arched, Laminated Curly Maple
  • Air Chamber Depth: 3"
  • Body Size: 10-1/2" x 31-1/2"
  • Bassbar: Solid Spruce
  • Soundpost: Solid Spruce
  • Bridge: Maple, Fully Adjustable
  • D’Addario Helicore Strings — 4
  • Pickup: Realist
  • Tailplate: Solid Brass
  • Fully Adjustable Endpin
  • Length: Total Length: 63"
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Padded case, waist extension, pickup and Steady-foot™
  • Anti-rotational Endpin Foot Included.
  • Nicely Flamed Maple sides and back, flaming varies from bass to bass - some great, some mildly flamed.
  • Real Acoustic Sound
  • Truly Portable
    Optional Flight Case for Removeable Neck Model

    Because of the extensive R&D that went into development of this bass, you get a proven reliable product that is already popular with professionals. You can lean every direction as far as you want while playing this bass, the anti-rotational endpin foot has a swivel joint to allow this. Great feature for being able to express yourself more fully while playing instead of being stuck in position to an EUB on a stand.

    The bass is also very light in your hand allowing you to move around faster and easier as your fingers create your music. Set yourself free!!!. Everything is personally checked and set up by our master luthier, and everything is just what a professional acoustic bass or acoustic electric bass player would need and expect.
    We are committed to satisfying your acoustic sound needs.

    We believe NO ONE can deliver a BETTER Playing Eminence-Like Bass, suited to your style, than us.

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