Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS

Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS
Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS
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Engelhardt EM-1B-Blonde Upright MAESTRO BASS

We will buy used ones to refurbish and resell
when we can, and we'll leave this page here
for information for now.

The Engelhardt EM-1 MAESTRO BASS is a popular school model that has won wide acceptance by students and advanced players. Properly sized and aligned, it has a laminated close grained spruce top and laminated maple back and sides. Available in a beautiful brown or blonde finish (choose from the drop down menu next to the Order button below). Attractive violin shape with exotic hardwood trimmings.
$99 Shipping to “Qualified* Commercial Address”

This durable laminated bass is a very responsive instrument and very popular with the Rockabilly and Bluegrass crowd.

Features are:
  • Close grained laminated spruce top
  • Laminated Maple back and sides
  • Brazilian Cherrywood Nut, Fingerboard and Tailpiece

    Extras included from FMI Custom Setups are:
  • Upgraded Quarter-Sawn Maple Adjustable Bridge
  • Sharp endpin point rounded off so it doesn't cut thru the plug
  • Thin rubber plug replaced with big tough rubber plug
  • Fingerboard and Tailpiece conditioned and sealed - darkens the Brazilian Cherrywood and helps seal out grime
  • Lower/reshape Nut and Bridge for better lower playing action (could still use full setup of fingerboard for most versatile or lowest playing action)
  • Customize the setup for your style of playing from heavy handed slapping or plucking to light fast jazz.

    CLICK HERE and check out the story of Kay and Engelhardt.

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    The customer will need to make up the difference between the initial $99 shipping and the actual shipping costs. In any case, FMI will contact you if there is additional shipping due.
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