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Pro/ Jazz Bass Setups
Pro/ Jazz Bass Setups
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Sale price: $295.00
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Product Description

Setup prices below are for instruments bought here at FMI, slightly higher for instruments brought in to us for setups.

For Pro any Style and Jazz style playing we lower the nut even more as the strings won't be thumped as hard and won't backslap when the nut is a bit lower.
We also dress and shape the fingerboard more thoroughly to allow a lower string action all along the fingerboard, so we can get it as low as you want (G string height 4mm to 5mm okay) for the low cost for jazz setups.
You can pay $500 and up at many shops for handling a bass to get this kind of low jazz action on it! We only charge $295 along with the sale of the bass! Unheard of till now! (Just indicate how low a string action you want in the comments section when checking out, or call me at 626-794-7334 I love to talk basses!).
Planing and full dressing of the fingerboard provides you with a non-buzzing, low action and smooth, playable fingerboard. That's what you get with our Jazz SetUp!

For a super low clean playing action, G string height 2.5mm to 3mm near end of fingerboard and not much higher all along the string - and the rest of the strings proportionately low, select the SUPER LOW Jazz setup option next to the order button.
You cannot play this action hard or it will buzz(and it's VERY hard to pluck hard with the strings so low), you have to play fast smooth jazz to be able to use this low an action.
We do spend a LOT more time shaping and testing it to ensure it will play great at this low 2.5mm to 3mm G string height.

Stanley Clarke's upright bass had been played by a customer of ours who wanted a super low action like Stanley's bass.
So we worked it over for a lower than 3mm G string height, and low low height for the others too. Randy was STOKED with this low smooth action.

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