Milano MB-40 Ebony Fingberboard Upright Bass Flat Black and Pinstriped Rockabilly Bass
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Product Description

Milano MB-40 Ebony Fingberboard Upright Bass Flat Black and Pinstriped Rockabilly Bass

Tough dependable rockabilly bass, used and abused by many players and they all say it holds together very well.

You can count on this bass to take what you dish out.

Details of bass:
  • Strong ebony fingerboard and nut
  • Neck heel is "pinned" with a big bolt so if you
    break the neck heel, the neck will stay on
    so you can keep playing
  • Sturdy crack-proof laminated maple body
  • Rock maple neck and scroll
  • Brass plate tuning machines
  • Top Kustom paint used

    We do a professional setup to your bass, it's truly ready for recording and stage work.

    You can have us put on your favorite kind of strings or go with the color coordinated electric green weedwacker pro strings shown.

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