Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI,
Standard 3/4 Upright Bass by Shen, Sturdy Removable Neck Conversion, Top level setup and strings. Or $1250 to Convert YOUR Bass to Removable Neck within 2 weeks here at FMI Basses Yes! 2 week turnaround time !!

Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI
Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI
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Product Description

Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI

Upright Bass Removable Neck Travel Bass by FMI.
Travel with ease on planes, trains and automobiles with this removable neck bass with its travel case.
Empty Coroplastic travel case is under 25 lbs allowing you to stay under 50 lbs with your bass in it.

Case by itself is $1495 and pays for itself in 6 round trip flights.
Save $140 each flight by being under 50 lbs,
that's $280 saved per round trip !!
These Removable Neck cases will be back in stock briefly
by February 24th 2023

Very sturdy and durable construction will protect your bass well,
already world travel proven.

*Choose a Shen SB-88 or take YOUR OWN Bass on overseas tours! We'll convert YOUR BASS to removable neck and send it back to you in the travel case as shown.

$1250.00 charge for converting your bass to removable neck.
Rigged with one bolt thru neck heel. Easy on easy off design that will not lose any sustain or volume, works great!

Call us at 626-794-7554 to coordinate shipping your own bass to us.

Here's our newest bunch of cases ready for use!


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Pictured below is the $2495 Fiberglass case you can order made by Concord/Christopher for removable neck bass: (Case only for $2495)

This Fiberglass case weighs 37 lbs empty, so with your removable neck bass will make you overweight at the airline, and in 2019 cost you about $140 each flight for overweight.
The bass body alone weighs 11-14 lbs usually depending on your bass.
So leaving the neck/fingerboard and other parts out of this fiberglass case may get you under 50 lbs.
Then you'd have to make a strong enough case for the neck/fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece and endpin to ship safely separate from bass body in this short fiberglass case.

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